Christopher Nolan’s Tenet provides another entertaining and thought-provoking film for action fans

Tenet couldn’t have been written by anyone but Christopher Nolan. With fast paced action sequences and brain-breaking science, it seems almost a sequel to Inception

As a complete fan of Nolan, I am a bit biased towards this movie. There are many people who are completely lost by the logic of the science behind the movie. And I’ll admit, it is very confusing and will probably take four to five times of watching the movie to fully understand and follow what’s happening. For those who don’t know, the idea of the film is that it is possible to “invert” objects, meaning that instead of traveling forward through time, the object travels backward. This concept is explored with even people being inverted, and provides for some interesting scenes that break your brain. 

There are a few flaws with the movie. The complicated concept combined with an even more complex plot makes for a fast-paced movie, which is near impossible to follow. As I have said, it will take multiple viewings of the movie and possibly some YouTube explanations to understand what happened. The fast-paced plot also leaves little room for character development. There are few personality traits given to any character, to the extent that the protagonist is even named… the Protagonist. This lack of character development gives little opportunity for emotional connection to the characters, so when any of them are in a crisis, the audience feels little sympathy.

As for action sequences (because let’s be real, that’s what an action movie’s for), Tenet is probably the best I’ve ever seen. It has incredible bare knuckles fight scenes, while using the concept of inversion with John David Washington, who plays the Protagonist, does all of his own stunts. Nolan used the least amount of CGI possible in Tenet. The biggest show of this is a scene when a plane crashes into a building from the ground. The entire scene uses practical effects and is incredible to watch. Overall, the visuals, combined with the fantastically brain-bending story, far outweighs the negatives from character development. Tenet will definitely be remembered as one of the greatest Christopher Nolan movies of all time.

Rating: 5/5