Mediatonic’s video game Fall Guys smashes charts and snatches the attention of gamers


Fall Guys features small, bean-like characters that compete for crowns and awards. Artwork by Kyla Jones.

During this summer’s quarantine, the video game development company Mediatonic dropped one of the hottest battle royale games of 2020. Fall Guys quickly became a giant hit in the streaming industry, reaching the number one spot for gaming on Twitch and continuing its reign in the top five.

Though it has a lot of praise and popularity, it was first known to the online community as the game you couldn’t even play due to the servers crashing from too many people trying to get into a match, which is quite ironic.

Once players get through all of the lag and server crashing, they find a rage-inducing, show-like battle royale filled with running jelly beans. Fall Guys is based on multiple shows including 2008’s Wipeout and 1986’s Takeshi’s Castle where several contestants conquer multiple difficult physical challenges in efforts to avoid elimination and claim the big reward. 

Fall Guys takes this game show-like trait and gives it a fun little spin. You play as a Fall Guy, a little jelly bean with arms and legs, that only has one purpose: to be number one in the match and win a crown. There are multiple challenges that your little Fall Guy must overcome to become the winner, and each vary from race to race. The first thirty who make it to the end move on to the next round, where they have to dodge fast pacing blocks that can push them off a platform into pink slime that spells elimination. Though these challenges vary from team to solo, it always ends with a last man standing situation. The winner of these final challenges gets a crown, which is a type of currency only available by winning games. If you don’t win, you need not worry; you can still get XP for the free battle pass and another currency called kudos, which you can use in the store to buy snazzy outfits for your fall guy.

Just like kudos, crowns can be used to buy more extravagant outfits. In the shop, you can also get different colors for your fall guys and designs that give your fall guy a nice look. The free battle pass allows you to get free rewards just for playing the game and you don’t have to pay for an upgraded version because it’s all free. Right now, it only has 40 tiers and a couple of costumes, but with the reveal of season two (coming in the next couple of weeks) the community can only expect the battle pass to increase.

Fall Guys as a game is great because it always reels you back in for another round of game show fun and is a great new spin on the battle royale genre. The community can’t wait to see what the people at Mediatonic are going to add to Fall Guys in the following months as everyone has high expectations for this rage-inducing 20 dollar prize package of a game.

I rate this game a 4/5.