Trolls World Tour is a must-see, and not just for little kids

Trolls World Tour. It was the number one movie with 195,000 sales on digital and disc in the UK within the first six weeks of its release. The movie’s success was most likely due to its amazing plot, funny moments and range of characters. 

The movie is about little trolls who love music. However, these trolls only love one genre of music. Much to their dismay, they would know that there are more trolls out there, with new genres of music. Flooded with curiosity, their leader, Poppy, goes and ventures to see what the other trolls are all about.

The movie introduces multiple new characters with their own stories and secrets. The movie was filled with surprises and of course catchy songs. 

I personally enjoyed the movie. I was surprised that I did because I am a lot older than the target audience, but I still had an amazing time watching it. The storyline was great and so was the animation. I would definitely recommend this movie to a friend if we were looking to hangout. 

I cannot stress this enough. Trolls is not just a little kids’ movie. Although it may look like one, many people of all ages loved the movie including me. This movie was definitely “one of the greats.”  Its funny moments were amazing, and the fact that Trolls World Tour references some genres of music you may have forgotten, is fantastic. The movie’s silly occasions were so unique and it creates the unpopular music into a character.

I have to say that I have never liked a movie as much as this one. I didn’t have a liking to the musical aspect, which seemed a little cheesy to me. But aside from that element, I would definitely look forward to another trolls movie.  

I rate this movie a 5/5.