How COVID-19 has affected the world of Broadway

The entertainment industry has been hit hard since the emergence of COVID-19. Movie productions and television shows, as well as news programs, have all been affected. For these productions, they have more flexibility given that they are either pre-recorded or have the ability to stay six-feet apart when filming. For live entertainment, like Broadway, things have changed significantly.

March 12, all forty-one Broadway theatres were shut down. These closures are supposed to end in early June, but because of the uncertainty of this virus, it is expected for the theatres to stay closed longer. 

“Industry leaders are aware that large gatherings may be among the last forms of activity to resume,” said The New York Times.  

These shut-downs are costing Broadway millions of dollars in sales as it’s a popular attraction among native New Yorkers and tourists. Much of the income that theatres take in relies on tourism. Ticket sales amount to maintenance, production costs and paying employees. Not only is the business affected, but the cast and crew of these productions are affected as well. For many performers, being on Broadway is their main source of income, especially if the show brings fame to their name. 

The entire industry is being put on hold until it is safe to re-open again to the public. This includes the Tony Awards, which was supposed to air on June 7 and has been postponed until further notice.