COVID-19 is devastating the entertainment business

Many musicians during this time are having the main source of their income, like tours and concerts, cancelled because of the Coronavirus. This is especially difficult for smaller musicians who were just starting to get off the ground. 

Another affected group within the arts are those who perform in plays or musicals, like those on Broadway. Without the ability to perform for crowds of people in theaters, they have a huge loss in income along with those who work to maintain the theaters, those who do the theater tech, and those who direct. The devastation is widespread .

Many actors are out of jobs due to the need to self isolate and maintain social distancing which is not possible while filming a TV show. Many of the studios in which these shows were being filmed are struggling along with the actors who were cast as characters in these different shows. 

Finally, there is the struggle of those working in the movie industry. There were movies in theaters when quarantine was first initiated which have now been moved to different platforms to be viewed there. Many movies that were in theaters when this virus started moved straight into streaming services, allowing them to still make money off of the people buying the movies to watch on places like Amazon. There is still devastation in the movie making industry though. Movies that were still being filmed were postponed, and those who worked in movie theaters are out of a job. 

The arts are struggling, but here are also many efforts to try and solve many of the new issues brought upon by the Coronavirus outbreak.