Top three video games to play while in quarantine

Now that the quarantine is forcing most of the country to stay at home, it can be challenging to find ways to entertain yourself. One good method of shooting through free time is playing video games. Video games are one of the most varied forms of entertainment there is, and the right game can be an incredibly fun and satisfying experience. This list is my current top three video games. It’s not a rigid list; I could easily change my mind in the weeks to come. 

  1. Persona 5 Royal – I didn’t expect to love this game nearly as much as I did. I don’t enjoy anime, turn-based combat or life simulators. Persona 5 is an anime life simulator with turn-based combat, and it somehow managed to become one of my single favorite things ever. You play as a transfer student in a Japanese high school who discovers the power to enter the minds of evil and corrupt people. By stealing the treasure within mind “palaces,” you force the person to have a change of heart and confess their sins. Everything about Persona 5 is about as close to perfection as humanly possible. The characters are a joy to be around, and watching their stories unfold is often fascinating, hilarious and heartfelt. The aesthetic of the entire game is gorgeous. The flashy art style is so impressive in its design and creativity that just being able to look at it is worth buying the game. Persona 5’s soundtrack is easily the best I’ve ever heard, and I still listen to my favorite songs from it on an almost daily basis. Recently, an updated and expanded edition was released: Persona 5 Royal. Royal takes everything I just listed and gives even more. New characters, story and music are all present, making this 10/10 game into an 11/10. Persona 5 is really long, but that just makes it even more ideal for this quarantine. I put 200 hours into the original (two playthroughs), and loved every second.
  2. Horizon Zero Dawn – Post-apocalyptic worlds are rarely pleasant. They are commonly set in dull, run down lands with little color and a somber mood. Horizon Zero Dawn challenges this idea with a beautiful open world filled with bright colors and breathtaking scenery. Our world ended centuries ago for unknown reasons, and the planet is now populated by more primitive people who worship or fear the technology of the past. Aloy is the protagonist of the story, and her quest to discover the truth about her past eventually ties in with the history of the lost civilization itself. The world of Horizon Zero Dawn is populated by a range of large robotic animals, which you can hunt for materials or missions. Fighting these machines is a unique experience even by video game standards. Using a combination of bow and arrow, traps and ingenuity to take down a massive mechanical beast is one of the most satisfying experiences in gaming.
  3. Hollow KnightHollow Knight was made by three people, but it’s easily one of the greatest games of all time. It is a 2D Metroidvania set in Hallownest, an ancient ruined civilization of bug creatures. You control a silent character called the Knight as you uncover the secrets of the area while fighting a wide variety of enemies and meeting new characters. The combat is simple but challenging, and the boss fights are all unique and fun. Discovering new abilities and items around the sprawling map is rewarding. Hallownest is a fascinating place, and the excellent music throughout the game creates a calming mood that can have you playing for hours without ever getting bored.