Lost in Space delivers a second season that is out of this world

Lost in Space is Netflix’s newest reboot of the original 1960s Lost in Space series. This adaptation features the Robinson family as they contend with the perils of being stranded (dare I say it, lost) in space. The series focuses not only on the Robinson family but also on several recurring characters, like mechanic Don West (Ignacio Serricchio), and the antagonist Doctor Smith (Parker Posey). Lost in Space’s second season came a year and a half after the arrival of the first season in April 2018. Its release went relatively under the radar without a major marketing campaign.

One of the highlights this season was the interactions between characters. The characters were excellent, with clearly defined wants, needs and fears. Each episode played on these fears in a new and unique way, pairing characters with distinct worldviews and forcing them to collaborate. The family dynamic remained constant throughout the season. In particular, the conflict between Doctor Smith and John Robinson (Toby Stephens) stood out.

Additionally, the setting was as jaw-dropping as the first season. The Robinsons explore sprawling landscapes and construct technological marvels, each a combination of practical and computer-generated effects. The sets on the Resolute spacecraft were extremely well-constructed; as a viewer, I could imagine NASA building this type of craft in a few decades. By contrast, the surface of the planets the crew visited was exceedingly alien and natural-looking but equally beautiful. The world-building overall is comprehensive and gorgeous.

Unfortunately, my biggest gripe with the season was the slightly confusing plot. When taken as a whole, the show was amazing, but there were certain plot elements that left me feeling skeptical. Personally, I felt Ben Adler (JJ Feild) was inconsistent.

Overall, I would rate this season a four out of five: besides certain confusing plot elements, the season as a whole was engaging.

Lost in Space was renewed for a third and final season by Netflix.