Show Choir Goes Goes Out with All the Awards


Hart Show Choir

Joey Negrete singing in Sound Vibrations’ competition set “Written in the Stars.”

This year, Hart High Show Choir performed at several competitions throughout their season. They kicked off their season with a competition at Bonita Vista High School in San Diego, February 15, and ended with a competition at Burbank High School March 7.

At Bonita Vista’s Sings competition, the choir’s mixed advance group, Sound Vibrations, placed second overall. Hartbreakers, the intermediate women’s division, also competed at this event. They placed second overall as well. Additionally, the Hart High Show Choir won first place for their a cappella song, and junior Ani Mikaelian won the Best Soloist award.

Friday, February 28, choir competed at the Chaparral Showcase at Temecula Valley High School. It was there that Sound Vibrations took first place and won the Best Showmanship award, a huge accomplishment for the group who has struggled to get the title in past years.

Burbank Blast, their last competition for this season, was hosted by the choir at Burbank High School, March 7. Sound Vibrations once again won first place in their division along with Best Showmanship, Best Musicianship and Best Tech Crew. Hart N Soul, Hart’s intermediate mixed show choir group, also competed at Burbank Blast. They placed fifth overall in their division. Lastly, Unleashed, Hart’s advanced men’s  choir, won first place in their division at the same competition and won an award for best showmanship.

Joey Negrete, a junior at Hart High School and a member of Sound Vibrations, was awarded Best Soloist at all three competitions that the Hart Show Choir competed in. His solo was part of the song “As Above So Below” by Anthony David in the Sound Vibrations competition set, “Written in the Stars.”

Unfortunately, the group’s trip to Hawaii and additional competitions were reluctantly cancelled as a result of the corona virus. As for their Spring Concert, it is uncertain whether or not the choir will be ale to perform. However their season will end, this year’s choir has made a significant contribution to the high reputation of the program.