On My Block Review

The third Season of On My Block came out March 11. It started right where it left off after Monse, Caesar, Ruby and Jamal were kidnapped by the leader of the Santos, Cuchillos. Cuchillos asks the group to find her long lost love, Lil Ricky, who has been missing for years. After being sent to find Lil Ricky, the group’s friend Jasmine joins in on the search for Lil Ricky, who is nowhere to be found.

An old friend of Cuchillos’ tells Monse, Jamal, Caesar and Ruby that once they find Lil Ricky, Cuchillos plans on killing him and they too realize that they will be killed. Spooky, however, plans on killing her before she can get to them. 

After Spooky is successful in his quest to kill Cuchillos, he becomes head of the Santos but decides to leave his life of crime and gangs so he can settle down, get married and have a family, making Caesar the new head of Santos.

At the end of the season, Monse moves away to a school across the country, Ruby and Jasmine become a couple, Jamal is a jock and Caesar is now head of the Santos. With all the new changes, the group no longer stays together. 

I found this season to be mediocre. At this point, all of the seasons seem the same to me and I have gotten quite bored. I have yet to be blown away by the acting and writing in the show. Sierra Capri was not the best actress for Monse and I feel that really affected the show. Capri just didn’t seem to be in tune with the character and made it difficult to enjoy.

Let’s hope next season is better.

Rate: 3/5