The Frights release their new album, Everything Seems Like Yesterday

January 24, surf punk band The Frights released their fourth studio album, Everything Seems Like Yesterday. This album was originally supposed to be released as a solo album by lead vocalist and guitarist Mikey Carnevale. Everything Seems Like Yesterday is entirely acoustic, leading the band to drift away from their previously established sound, popularized by their album You Are Going To Hate This, and toward a more indie folk sound. 

Frankly, every song sounds the same. Due to the acoustic nature of the album, every song blends together, the only difference being the difference in lyrics. And even then, all the lyrics are relatively about the same thing. 

Still, some of these songs stand out among the others. “Simple And Strange,” “Love Grows Cold” and “Leave Me Alone” all are songs that would be better off on a different album. An entire album of songs like these would do better than this album because they all have some distinction that makes them different than the other songs.

While the entirely acoustic sound may appeal to some, the songs blend together and lack distinction.