Chicago Musical Comes to Hart

January 16, 17 and 18 Hart High School theatre students performed Chicago, a musical about two murderous women trying to use their crimes to become famous.

The musical starts off with Roxie Hart (played by Lydia Botello and Bella Van Why) shooting and killing a man in the home that she shares with her husband Amos (played by Kekoa HuiHui Andrew). 

Then, the audience watches as Roxie’s loving, innocent and very naive husband takes the blame for the crime, though he had nothing to do with it. 

After being jailed for the crime, Roxie decides that she wants to use her reputation as a criminal to become famous. However, another murderous woman by the name of Velma Kelly (played by Samantha Perez and Samantha Erwin) has the same plan. After competing with each other for fame throughout the whole musical, Roxie and Velma realize that they have the same goals and they unite.

Each and every one of the actors did an amazing job of portraying the cut-throat and sometimes competitive life of a convicted criminal. Everything from the singing to the set design was very well done and only added to the greatness of the production.

“It really came together and we were able to put on a fun show that the audience seemed to love!” said actor Lydia Botello.

This year audience members had the ability to vote for the actor that they thought did the best performance. After everyone cast their votes, the actor with the most votes was rewarded. The actor that won for her performance as Velma Kelly was Samantha Erwin. 

To end the last night of performances, the actors thanked theatre teacher, Mrs. Magon for her immense help and dedication to the production.