Senior Farewell: Jacob Buhle


I’ve been at Hart for all four years of high school and I’ve been in journalism for my last year. Before that I’ve been in Band, Theatre, Multimedia and Design, and with this year, Stage Tech.


I think my senior year has been the most enjoyable year of high school. It was a really easy, laid back year that made the process of leaving high school and preparing for young adulthood a lot easier than I thought it would be. 


I think the hardest year was my freshman year, just because in general being a freshman is a weird experience of trying to fit in a new school, while also thinking that you’re a lot older than you are.

Sophomore year was a lot better, especially over quarantine. It was relaxed and allowed me to grow more as a person with less of the fear of judgment. It was a push in the right direction that allowed me to go down a more comfortable path for the last two years of high school.

Junior year was strangely easy, I remember everyone saying that it was going to be challenging and a struggle, but I found it really easy. The hardest part was probably still trying to figure out who you want to be as an adult; it’s around the time high school starts asking those questions, so it just adds to the confusion of your future. Especially because junior year is very career oriented, which kind of rushes you to grow up when in truth you’re really still just a kid. 


Now I’m at the end of my senior year, and honestly high school wasn’t the greatest thing and it wasn’t the worst. It was just another part of my life that I’m sure at one point I will feel nostalgic for, but as for right now, I’m satisfied to leave it. I think high school has been a growing experience as everything in life is. Yet at the end of the day I feel ready just to graduate and move forward with my life. Time moves forward, and thus you enjoy the time you are in instead of reminiscing in the time that is over.