March Madness swishes away

Lucas Enrique Gomez, Sports Editor

As the sun sets on another college basketball season, we can now look back on the incredibly tumultuous March Madness tournament that took place. Just last year, there were many upsets and Cinderella stories. Most notably, 15 seeded St. Peters made it all the way to the Elite Eight. This year, seven lower-seeded teams made it to the 2nd round, proving how common upsets have become. In 2023, the final four consisted of a 4th seed, two 5th seeds, and a 9th seed. 

In the Final Four matchup between SDSU and FAU, FAU led for most of the game until SDSU caught up in the final minutes. Down 70 to 71, SDSU Point Guard Lamont Butler dribbled up the court and hit a step back jumper to walk off the game. This excitement didn’t last long, though, because SDSU ended up losing to Uconn in the final. 

March Madness kept up its excitement as usual and proves why it’s one of the most popular sporting tournaments in the country. Many basketball fans prefer College basketball to the NBA because the players have more enthusiasm to win. Whatever you prefer, March Madness is always an exciting time of the year.