The Fisherman Story

A short story I created to explain meeting that perfect someone.

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Once upon a time, there was a patient fisherman. He would wait at the harbor for hours and hours everyday trying to find a big fish for the biggest fish contest being held in his village. Usually all the fish he caught were small and all the same. It was difficult to find the fish that met his expectations. One day, he felt a huge tug on his line and immediately pulled at it. Out came a giant fish, the one he has been waiting for. Finally he was able to use a fish for the contest tomorrow. After cleaning it up, he goes to the contest proud to be holding the fish. But after rounding up all the fish, he ends up in second place. The first place fish was three times bigger than his. He had lost after all that searching.

 Curious, the fisherman goes up to the first place winner and asks, “Sir, where did you get a fish that big?” 

“I would fish at the harbor right there,” the first place winner points to the harbor that the fisherman would spend his days at. 

Instead of being mad or frustrated the fisherman turned back to his fish with a smile. 

“I thought you were the biggest fish out there,” the fisherman says to himself, “and you are. To me you met all my expectations and I think you should have won. You are a good fish despite what the contest said.”

So there goes the story and the moral is: Yes, there are many fish in the sea, but there is always one that is going to be there just for you. It is going to meet all your expectations and seem perfect despite what other fish look like.