The Girl On Fire

I wrote a poem about the Hunger Games trilogy. everything I wrote you have to understand from the books and/or the movies. I mainly talked about Katniss Everdeen.

Image from Creative Commons

Image from Creative Commons

Katniss Everdeen

Reserved and ordinary

Thinking of her sister

Becomes a tribute and a priority


She enters the arena with hope

Without her so called lover

She makes life destructive decisions

To save her life and another’s 


Using her knowledge and skill

With her bow and arrow she began to dread

Taking the game ending aim

She sent her final shot flying through his head


She and Peeta were free for life

Escaping the hands of the capitol

But lived in fear and threat

For what they had done was radical


Life seemed hopeful and okay

Then the unimaginable happened

The girl on fire would be sent back

Her vision started to blacken


Back in the arena once more

This time with allies

Her goal to protect Peeta

Over him she worried and agonized


She was rescued and locked underground

She made a final choice

To be the symbol of rebellion

To be everyone’s voice


With that backlash hit her

Prim’s untimely death

Peeta’s disturbing return

She never truly could catch her breath


The girl on fire has been extinguished

In her place a girl who’s survived so much pain

A girl who’s caused and stopped many deaths

Katniss Everdeen is reborn as their Mockingjay.