Senior Farewell: Luke Bourgeois

Dear Hart, 

Thank you for the journey. I remember walking into the campus for the first time as a starry-eyed eighth grader thinking about how different the next four years would be. While my eighth grade self could not have predicted the unprecedented events that would occur, he was right about something. I had an incredible period of growth. Like most, my freshman year started off rough; I had to deal with the disappointment of not making the basketball team on week two of my freshman year. However, looking back on it now, my rejection was a blessing in disguise. Working with Coach Kelly and Coach Koebel over the summer taught me work ethic that helped carry me through high school. Failing to make the basketball team also forced me to reconsider what my next four years would look like. I picked up lacrosse and learned to play the drums. Scholastically, I discovered new challenges and became inspired to push myself academically. Freshman year really set the foundation for me to begin to thrive in sophomore year. However, sophomore year really threw me for a loop. I began to feel more confident scholastically, but the events of that year really made me forget all of the bright spots. I quickly realized that athletics was not for me and I had to persevere through the rest of the season to avoid the dreaded PE class. Just when I thought things were rough, I got a concussion in the fifth minute of the third and what would eventually be the last game of lacrosse that season. I found out later that week, on Friday, March 13th that school would be shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I was concussed, confused, and captive in the walls of my house. When I emerged from my house, I learned a lot about myself. The drums started me down a path of creation and eventually fostered my deep love for music. I am grateful quarantine allowed me so much time to reflect on myself because I learned to reframe life in a more positive and optimistic lens. Armed with a new outlook on school, I entered my senior year determined to participate in all the high school I missed out on, and over the course of the year I followed through. I went to prom, joined clubs, watched football, and went to every rally I could. I really loved participating and if I was a freshman all over again, I would encourage myself to try all of the activities. It sucks that I did not have not have the greatest experience in high school, but I am glad I went through it. I learned a lot and am grateful that Hart helped me find myself. I can’t wait to see what my future holds at Chapman, but I know there will be a special place for my own sweet hart. 


Finally, I would like to thank: 

Mrs. Storaker for pushing me to achieve at the highest level

Mr. Duran for helping through the scariest moments of sophomore year

Mr. Koontz for putting up with the freshman version of myself

Mrs. Nishioka for teaching me to laugh during hard times

Mrs. G for all the amazing memories

Mrs. Mohsen for the thoughtful conversation

Mr. Bailey for helping guide me towards music

Mr. Koebel for teaching me to shoot free throws

Mr. Williams for inspiring me to explore history

Mrs. Ross for helping me endure those 7 AM starts and keeping me calm during college decisions 

Students Demand Action for showing me my voice matters

Mr. d’Autremont for playing 3v3 basketball with me that one time

Hart Journalism for publishing my rambling farewell notes and helping advance my writing 

And finally, my family and friends for their support, love, and encouragement throughout all four years of high school