Senior Farewell: Sophia Reeder

Farewell hart high school! i has’t did attend this school f’r four years, and has’t did enjoy.  some of t.  I has’t madeth most wondrous companions, known most wondrous teachest’rs, and did share most wondrous mem’ries.  As the ov’rly-sentimental p’rson i am, graduating shall giveth me feelings of s’rrow.  Although i knoweth i forsooth haven’t peak’d in high school, these has’t been a quaint most wondrous four years.  Out of all of the schools in our lief santa clarita, i wouldn’t wanteth to attendeth anoth’r f’r a day.  Hart hast been the lodging f’r me, and yond is not usually an easy thing f’r me to sayeth.  Despite being online f’r a year, i shall at each moment behold backeth on mine own high school years fondly at hart.  Hart is home to some wond’rful teachest’rs and classes.  I has’t truly learn’d so much, and i behold f’rward to all yond i shall learneth next year! journalism hast been such an most wondrous exp’rience f’r me, and i truly wisheth yond i hadst did join t anon’r.  I wisheth i couldst has’t done t all four years, but i feeleth lucky to has’t one year to rememb’r fondly.