A Billion Beautiful Faces

Picture from pixabay.com

Picture from pixabay.com

In my poem “A Billion Beautiful Faces”, I’m really just appreciating the diversity of the human race, and celebrating the “delightful differences” of each person I see from day to day.

— Katelyn Miller


All my life, I have been surrounded by a billion beautiful faces 


Each one delightfully different from the last


They travel in and out of my days after a simple exchanged gaze


Not a word spoken between us


But an important lesson learned


The lesson of admiring all of the differences in those billion beautiful faces


The thick accents,

The rich skin tones,

Straight hair, 

Curly hair


The beauty in diversity


The beauty in those delightful differences


The beauty in pure human connection


Our perfectly imperfect, human distinctions 


Is what brings the bright sun up


Day after day