Leah Badie, Staff Writer

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The homecoming night rally and the homecoming game took place Thursday, October 18 and Friday, October 19, respectively. The homecoming dance was Saturday, October 20 from 8-11pm following the rally and the game.

The homecoming pep rally consisted of performances by the dance team, Hart Regiment, cheerleaders, Hart boys, and football players. ASB put together a montage of highlight and football players throughout the years evoking nostalgia from the audience. In the quad, there were carnival games, food trucks, and food stands for everyone that attended.

The homecoming game was at COC and the Indians faced-off against the Wildcats. Hart ended West Ranch’s winning streak by beating them 31-29. Not only was the Tribe cheering for the plays being made, but they also began to cheer for the homecoming court members being introduced at halftime. Noelle Blumel, Zoe Dinardo, Sophie Smolsky, Trudy Larkins, and Tia Bakhaya were the five princess. The princes were Miguel Galvan, Rocco Saldivar, Jimmy Alas, Mason Phillips, and Ceasar Maldonado. However, only two of the seniors would leave as homecoming king and queen. After a suspenseful few minutes, Mr. d’Autremont announced that Jimmy Alas was voted king and Trudy Larkins had won queen.

The Tribe went on to celebrate at the homecoming dance. The dance had three silent DJ’s and every student attending the dance had a set of headphones playing music. The color of each student’s headset determined the genre of music they were listening to. If a student were to take their headset off, no music would be playing hence the name “Silent DJ”. When certain songs came on, everyone would crowd together and form a mosh pit in the center of the gym. The students would all jump up, dance and sing the song playing on their headset. If a song that everyone really enjoyed came on, the students would run up to the top of the bleachers. If someone didn’t enjoy the song playing, they had the option to switch it on their own headphones.