Hart clubs ramp up activities

The second half of the school year has seen many clubs ramp up activities, continuing to engage the student body with the Hart High School community. Project Linus in the second semester has continued to offer opportunities for Hart students to make a positive impact in the Los Angeles community. Project Linus has made dozens of blankets for children in need, bringing students together in a welcoming environment focused on making a real difference.

“Project Linus always works to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for students, emphasizing basic skills like blanket making that enable us to help improve the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves. We meet every Monday in F-31 and offer service hours in return for the time you spend making blankets. No prior knowledge is necessary for Project Linus, we always have our leadership team standing by ready to help new members.” said Patrick Done, Co-President of the club. 

The Equity and Diversity Collaborative has also led efforts to promote inclusion at Hart, serving as the only club whose primary objective is proposing policy-based solutions to issues relating to racism, sexism and xenophobia. The Equity And Diversity Collaborative meets every Tuesday in F-31 and has been behind many recent changes to Hart’s campus, including the newly erected mural honoring the land Hart High School is built on.

“The Equity and Diversity Collaborative does great work for the school community. Recently we met with Principal D’Autremont to discuss future initiatives relating to diversity. We are super excited about Hart’s future as an inclusive space for students.” said Lincoln Jones-Hartman, the President of the Equity and Diversity Collaborative. 

Students Against Trafficking is also leading efforts to improve the Hart community, hosting a gift card drive for the organization Saving Innocence. 

“This drive will help bring necessary resources to victims of human trafficking. While there is still substantial work to be done in order to end this crisis, it’s great to know that Hart students truly are leading the charge,” said Brooke Saaty, a Students Against Trafficking club member.