Norovirus outbreaks cause concern

In the US, Norovirus typically begins to spread quickly during the winter months, all the way from November to April. The virus affects around 20 million people in an average year in the US, resulting in around 100,000 hospitalizations and 900 deaths. With so many people across the world being affected by norovirus outbreaks, it is important to know about the disease and how to prevent its spread.

Symptoms mainly consist of heavy vomiting, diarrhea and stomach cramps. Many start experiencing these signs after about one to two days of catching this virus. Beginnings of some of the symptoms have been seen as early as 12 hours amid catching the illness. 

This illness typically only lasts a few days, but many elderly and young people are more vulnerable to the virus. Especially ages 65 to older, people are more susceptible to catching this virus. Even after symptoms and signs of the virus may disappear, the virus still may continue to spread and infect others. 

During Covid-19, it was very common for most to disinfect their hands and surroundings with hand sanitizer or alcohol hand gels; however, with the Norovirus, the most effective method is to consistently wash hands continuously with soap and water.