Hart ASB plans exciting spirit week

Hart ASB is excited to welcome in our new secretary and partner with the new sub, Miss Holland, due to the current loss of an ASB advisor who is on maternity leave. 

Vice President Tali Tucker commented, “A lot is going on in ASB,  we’ve really taken a big step on being more student-led because our teacher is currently absent and we have a substitute, so our students are really stepping up and fulfilling some big roles that we have.”

ASB is hosting numerous events this month from a survivor themed rally to a powder puff game between the senior and junior girls. 

“Our next big rally is the battle rally and we chose the theme survivor, so it will be the fire and ice survivor! It will be so fun to get to choose your shirt color and determine which side you want to be apart of,” said Vice President Tali Tucker

The shirts will be on sale the week of the rally and will cost five dollars each. The rally will feature Hart’s Man Cheer squad which includes boys from the junior and senior classes. Leading up to the rally there will be an intense spirit week having themes such as Couch Potato vs Hot Potato.