Six mass shootings in the span of two weeks shock California

Six mass shootings in the span of two weeks have shocked California. January 28 three people were killed and four were injured in the Beverly Crest neighborhood of Beverly Hills. A day prior, four were shot and one was killed in two shootings in San Diego; police believe that the same shooter was involved in both shootings. January 23 four people were injured and one was killed in an Oakland shooting that appears to be targeted and connected to gang violence. Earlier that day Chunli Zhao murdered seven people and wounded another at two farms in Half Moon Bay. January 21 Huu Can Tran killed twelve people in a dance studio in Monterey Park. January 16 six people were murdered in Goshen in the San Joaquin Valley; the shooting has been linked to a drug cartel.

In the Half Moon Bay shooting, 66-year-old Zhao opened fire on workers at Mountain Mushroom Farm before driving and continuing the massacre at Concord Farm. Zhao was a current employee at Mountain Mushroom Farm and a former employee of Concord Farm. His suspected motive is that a workplace dispute acted as the straw in the camel’s back after years of alleged mistreatment by coworkers and employers. He reportedly targeted specific individuals. Zhao surrendered himself to police and likely faces either life in prison without parole or the death penalty.

On a Saturday night following a day-long festival for Lunar New Year, 72-year-old Tran opened fire on Star Ballroom Dance Studio with a semi-automatic assault weapon in the deadliest shooting in Los Angeles County history. His motive remains unknown. He was found dead the next day by apparent suicide in his van. Minutes after the first shooting, he had attempted to also shoot up Lai Lai Ballroom & Studio in Alhambra. However, 26-year-old Brandon Tsai, a worker at the ballroom, disarmed the man and kicked him out before he could open fire. Tsai, who overpowered Tran despite not having a weapon, has been nationally hailed as a hero.