Republican Rep. George Santos embroiled in controversy

George Santos, a Republican member of the House of Representatives for New York, has become the center of controversy because of the lies he spread about himself on Twitter that have left voters with various questions about him. The general public remains confused over his financial status, his religion, his education, his family and more.

Santos also has acknowledged what he has said; in an interview with the New York Post, Santos said, “My sins here are embellishing in my resumé” and added, “I intend to deliver on the promises I made during the campaign.”

According to Vanity Fair,  “First, it was revealed the newly elected congressman had lied about where he went to school and the companies he worked for; now, on a near-daily basis, it comes out that Santos—who has defiantly refused to resign—has not only apparently lied about his biography and résumé but engaged in deeply sinister, possibly criminal behavior.”

He has additionally been reported to have been involved in performing at a drag show. Santos, however, has lauded Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which bans public school teachers from informing students about sexual orientation and gender identity, and has denied that he performed as a drag queen. 

Eula Rochard, a popular Brazilian drag queen recalls, “He was a huge liar already. Oh yes, he was such a liar.”

Despite his status as a member of the party, many Republicans have not backed Santos.  Anthony D’Esposito, a Republican Representative, said “George Santos does not have the ability to serve here in the House of Representatives and should resign,” D’Esposito said. Santos refuses to resign despite the political pressure. 

According to Associated Press News, “The state and local parties have no mechanism to remove Santos from office.”