Stop putting so much pressure on New Year’s resolutions!

Achlys Cisneros, Backpage Editor

New Year’s resolutions have had a bad reputation for years because they are notoriously neglected and never resolved. Countless people resolve to “work out more” and to “eat more healthy”. Lifestyle changes like those take time and need more thought before expected to be resolved at the start of the new year. Resolutions are essentially the same as goals, and goals are used all the time. They are made before going to a grocery store to make sure everything that is needed to be bought is bought. So why are New Year’s resolutions different? 

It all depends on how inspired each person is when it comes to working towards a model or idea. Accomplishment involves work, so resolutions don’t resolve themself. The general resolution of “working out more” is so generic and broad that there is little to no work needed to get “more” exercise than the year before. If there is actually action that is taken to achieve a goal, then there will be improvement. 

New Year’s resolutions are only useful if they are resolved. The only purpose of a list, goal and resolution is to complete it, so if it is incomplete it is useless. But lists are useful, and goals help people move forward to the life that they want. Resolutions are no different, so they shouldn’t be disregarded due to a bad reputation, they should be completed. 

 If you use resolutions to improve yourself, they can incredibly benefit your life. One can move towards improvement and capability through New Year’s resolutions. And you can enjoy the peace of a fulfilled goal. The purpose of a resolutions, goals and lists are all the same and the relief of finishing a goal that you worked hard for is addicting and improvement comes with pleasure. The whole purpose of resolutions is completion, it is useless to make a grocery list if it will never be fulfilled but if it is used to complete a task it is incredibly helpful. In the same way, using each year to create a better life for yourself and your affect on others is meaningful and impactful when you fulfill it.    

There are ways to make resolutions useful and meaningful. Specific and reasonable resolutions are much more effective than broad resolutions. Making resolutions with friends and family can be more enjoyable and inspiring and less likely to feel like a chore. When they are accomplished and there is visible improvement, your life can be a better and happier place than it ever was before.