US Supreme Court makes decision on case regarding LGBTQ+ club at a religious university

Wednesday September 14 2022 the United States Supreme Court, in a 5-4 vote, chose to decline a request by Yeshiva University to block a lower court order requiring the school to recognize an LGTBQ+ club at the school. Two conservative justices, Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Brett Kavanaugh, joined the high court’s three liberal justices to form a majority.

The university at the center of this decision, Yeshiva University, is a Jewish school in New York that places a strong emphasis on its traditional and religious values. The president of the university, rabbi Ari Berman, said that Yeshiva University and other faith-based universities have the right to establish clubs within their understandings of their respective religious texts. 

The LGTBQ+ club fighting for recognition by Yeshiva University is called YU Pride Alliance, with club leadership describing the organization as an inclusive place where people of all sexual orientations are welcome. Yeshiva University in official statements have claimed that they don’t hold prejudice against their LGTBQ+ community, insisting that their attempts to block the recognition of YU Pride Alliance is purely a matter of religious freedom.

While many in the legal community view this decision as significant, there is still likely a lengthy legal battle ahead. The Supreme Court’s decision does not end this case, and after working its way through the lower courts it is likely that this case will once again come before the highest court at a later date. If the supreme court was to side with Yeshiva University, it would mark a dramatic expansion of religious freedom and another significant curtailing of LGTBQ+ rights. 

Until a final decision is made, Yeshiva University has chosen to halt all undergraduate club activities indefinitely.