Hart in a Beat: Canine Detective Services

Starting during the 2022-2023 school year, the William S. Hart School District will start implementing a new safety protocol in all their schools. This protocol involves 3DK9 canine detective services that will begin making unannounced visits to school campuses.

“This is a program that should not cause concern or worry among students or staff, but one that, when properly implemented, can provide more safety and security for our campuses,” said Principal d’Autremont in his Monday Morning Message on the August 22, 2022 Hart TV episode.

3DK9 canine detective services use Mobile Odor Detection Dogs (M.O.D.D.), who can detect narcotics and firearms on a moving person. The company uses the motto “Defend, Detect, Deter” to signal their commitment to finding and containing dangerous substances before anyone can get hurt. These dogs will be accompanied by handlers who will ensure that the campus visits occur without any problems.

“I want to emphasize that these are preventative measures. There are no specific threats because as many of you know, specific threats get dealt with swiftly and appropriately. They are not done as a joke, but just so that you are aware, the dogs that will be on campus are friendly,” Principal d’Autremont said.

For more information on the 3DK9 canine detective services, please watch the August 22, 2022 Hart TV episode.

“Thank you, Hart, for your understanding and allowing us to make your school even safer,” Principal d’Autremont said.