Letter from your ASB President Isaac Kim

Dear Hart,


Looking back on my last three years here, things have definitely been a little rocky, but as a school, we’ve learned how to take adversity and make do with it. I hope this year that we’re able to go back to normal and have another great year.


For our new students, or anybody really feeling nervous about school, try to remember and cherish the memories that you make, because time will fly. I vividly remember walking onto campus for the first time my freshman year, and feeling like senior year would be ages away, only for it to pass by very quickly. Some things can seem a little overwhelming at times, but as the year goes on, I’m confident you’ll find your place here at Hart.


For returning students, and especially seniors, let’s make our final months at Hart good ones. Finish strong, but also live it up. 


Hart is full of students and staff that will 100% make you feel like you fit in, and there are tons of people that are always there for you. I truly believe that being at Hart is an experience that you cannot get at any other high school in the valley. We should take pride in our school, and always uphold the name of Hart in whatever we do.


I hope everyone has a great year, Hart!


Your president, 

Isaac Kim