President Biden fights for stronger gun laws

President Joe Biden has rolled out a new gun control policy, “cracking down” on the sale of ghost guns. Ghost guns are privately manufactured firearms that lack traceable serial numbers, making them very controversial amongst gun control groups, as they believe untraceable weapons allow loopholes for crimes to be committed. 

President Biden’s new policy will require ghost guns to be treated like actual firearms, with serial numbers applied. Biden has also nominated Steve Dettelbach to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), assuring the public that the ATF will be under quality leadership. Biden has also assured that the usage of ghost guns to commit a crime will be punished under both state and federal law. 

His appointment of Dettelbach comes with the hopes that the ATF will more thoroughly crack down on privately manufactured firearms, along with the new legislation that is intended to do the same.

President Biden was supported by many gun control activists, including Students Demand Action representative Mia Tretta, a survivor of the Saugus shooting. Since surviving the Saugus shooting, Tretta has dedicated her life to gun control activism. Monday April 11,  Tretta delivered a speech to introduce president Biden as he rolled out the new policies. The Biden administration selected her to speak due to the fact that she herself was a victim of violence caused by a ghost gun kit. In her speech, Tretta thanked the president for his progressive policy.

“I’m a ‘ghost gun’ attack survivor. Biden knows that thoughts and prayers aren’t enough,” said Tretta.