Hart hosts their 2022 prom

April 23, 2022 Hart hosted prom for the first time in three years. The formal festivities commenced at the Camarillo Airport in the heart of Simi Valley.

Students were advised to arrive at Hart between 5 and 5:30 PM where they subsequently went through security and checked in. Charter buses began boarding as the auditorium quickly filled up with primarily Hart upperclassmen.

The buffet served foods such as garlic bread, salad (with various dressings), chicken, roasted potatoes and lasagna. Most students spent their prom dancing the night away, but the flashing lights and upbeat music did not take away from the other activities. There were two stations for photos: Hart students could choose between an informal photobooth for fun and quick photo strips and another booth for traditional professional pictures, courtesy of O’Connor Photography.

In addition to the standard prom activities such as dancing and picture taking, students also enjoyed nontraditional high school dance activities. Two caricature artists illustrated dozens of students and their dates, making for a unique memento. Students played classic card games, such as poker, at card tables which were never seen empty.

“It was really fun and I enjoyed the caricatures and Texas Hold ‘Em specifically. Also, the lasagna was good,” said junior Lucas Gomez.

The coronation began at 9:45 and seniors Carlo Lopez and Andrea Tovar were crowned as king and queen respectively. Shortly after, starting at 10, buses began to depart for Hart. The last buses left just after 11 and students returned to Newhall around midnight.

Unfortunately, many students could not attend. Tickets were sold faster than anticipated and many speculated prom’s increased popularity this year could be attributed to the fact that Hart has not held a prom since 2019, three years ago.

“I enjoyed the prom experience through Instagram,” said non-attendee Hector Dominguez. Dominguez, like many students, could not attend because tickets sold out the week before the event.