Teachers in the William S. Hart District fight for a pay raise

April 12, 2022, Newhall School District teachers, students and parents gathered in a peaceful protest to raise the district’s teacher’s wages. This protest was located outside of the Newhall School district office, where they held signs to gather the attention of passersby and the community who drove by. The last time Newhall District teachers received a raise was during the 2017-2018 school year; a raise of 2%. Tensions continued boiling after the superintendent and school board gave themselves a four and five percent raise. Teachers’ frustration has become apparent and changes toward a pay agreement are trying to be achieved. 

This is not the first time teachers in Santa Clarita have fought for a pay raise. During the summer of 2021, Hart District teachers protested outside a Hart Union School District board meeting. 

“Teachers within the Hart District earn about $10,000 below the state average per year,” said John Minkus, president of the Hart District Teachers Association.

As teachers in our community push for higher pay wages, school boards and districts are still without a public statement in response to this push.