Is golf worth the consequences that it causes?


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Avery Tracy, Backpage Editor

Golf has a long time tradition of being a sport for middle aged men who wear polos. It’s commonly hated for the extremity of boredom it can produce whilst watching it. I’ve never met anyone under the age of 40 who puts the golf game on to watch for pleasure and enjoyment. The few times I’ve taken part in the act of watching has led to a very restful nap. It lacks action, doesn’t really leave you rooting for anyone and leaves you dangerously considering “what’s on the Hallmark channel?”

I also have an issue with golf jargon. What’s the deal with albatross, birdie and bogey? If I wanted to learn a whole new language, I would choose something more useful like French or German. Don’t even get me started on the fact the lowest score wins. Who wants to get a negative 5 as a score? The attire is also very stuffy with a certain implied look. I’ve never seen somebody wear sweatpants or even basketball shorts to golf, probably due to the fact that some courses require a dress code. 

The amount of land it takes to play this game is insane as well. Sadly, where public parks or affordable housing could be built, large amounts of land are being used to hit a ball with different clubs. It takes an enormous amount of money and resources to keep up golf courses that, quite frankly, could be used for better things.