Hart holds a surfers vs bikers rally

The first indoor rally of the year for Hart High was held March 25, 2022. The theme of the rally was surfers versus bikers and consisted of a series of competitions between the two teams. The bikers ultimately took the victory.

The rally was held in the big gym and a limited number of people were allowed to enter the rally due to covid restrictions. The few days before the rally, students were allowed to purchase a shirt for which team they wanted to be on. Shirts were $5 and tickets to the rally were completely free. 

The gym was split into two separate sides, with surfers and bikers each on a different side. One half of the gym was decorated with huge posters for surfers and the other half put together decorations for the bikers. The rally had games for students to compete in, such as long board to bike racing, dance competitions and table surfing. The dance show included its new “Man Cheer” collaborating with cheer.


Leisha Cuneta