Abigail Erickson

This is a poem I wrote myself called Photograph. I wrote this at a time that I was hurting. It’s a piece I wrote to describe heartbreak in a way that was easiest for my mind to do at the time. Heartbreak is something that all of us experience sometime in our life, and it can be looked at in so many different ways, depending on the experience and what caused it. This took me a long time to get it to the point where I felt proud of it, and I’ve only shared it with a few close people in my life because it’s so personal to me. I hope you enjoy 🙂 ”

— Abigail Erickson


You were my photographic dream. 

I made you my reality 

Yet you left me.

It’s time for me to leave this stage, I’m in the wrong place.

Your image still in my head, 

So wonderful but it hurts to see,

These memories that have now changed me. 

Everything’s different now, for we can never talk the same 

and I think you & I are both to blame. 

We both messed up, I’ll admit that. 

Feels like it has a black & white filter putting negatives into my life. 

No matter what we do, 

No matter what we say,

I’ll still think about that day. 

The day my heart was shattered into pieces. 

Leaving me to feel all alone. 

And now months later I’m just looking to put the flash back on.