This poem is about the fear and nerves one feels during confrontation. This poem also focuses on having a fear of something for so long but thinking you’re capable of getting over it.

Alisa Keawprasert

As a kid I never liked butterflies. 

It would scare me, one of the many fears I had, childish I know.

When I think of the thought of getting butterflies in my stomach, I think of red flags.

I hate the feeling of being nervous and confrontation.

When I see you, I get nervous.

From the people I’ve liked, you were different.

I was the type of person to be quick to judge.

I didn’t feel nervous, only when I said Hi, spoke out loud, or made eye contact with you.

It was scary at first, but over time I felt at ease.

You were different, you had kind, pretty eyes.

You made me get butterflies in my stomach.

It was a funny feeling, I didn’t seem to hate it now.

Maybe butterflies weren’t so bad after all.