Operation of Russian pipeline has been put on hold

Nord Stream 2, a gas pipeline running from Russia’s western coast to Lubmin, Germany has put operation on hold due to Russia’s recent actions in the Ukraine. 

Nord Stream 2 lies parallel to Nord Stream, an existing pipeline running under the Baltic Sea. The newest pipeline was completed in September, but Germany has halted giving it an operating license after Russia first sent troops into Ukraine. 

Russia is a large supplier of Europe’s gas, and if both pipelines become operational, it will be responsible for over a quarter of its gas usage. The US, UK, Poland and Ukraine highly oppose Nord Stream 2, fearing it will give Russia more power over Europe’s gas supply. Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky reportedly referred to the pipeline as a “powerful political weapon”.  

Due to the current crisis between Russia and Ukraine, some European leaders fear that allowing Russia more economic power is unwise. One incident in 2006 legitimizes these fears for leaders, when Russia shut off gas supply because of a minor dispute between it and Ukraine. This quarrel led to energy shortages throughout Europe during wintertime. 

According to the BBC, the Russian company Gazprom owns half of the pipeline and all gas that would flow through it, but Germany wants to wait until ownership is passed on to another firm before approving it.

This is a developing story, and events are subject to change.