Vaccination rates continue to rise among LA County residents

Currently, there have been 2,590,000 recorded cases of Covid and 28,000 in LA county. Worldwide, there are 366,000,000 cases and 5,640,000 deaths due to coronavirus. Ourworldindata says 10,000,000,000 vaccine doses have been given worldwide and 52% of the world right now is vaccinated.

As of Friday, February 11, 2022, 70% of LA County adults are fully vaccinated, according to public According to the same source, 33% of LA county fully vaccinated adults have had an additional booster shot. 75% of LA County youth, ages 12-17 are fully vaccinated, with 18% of that group having already received a booster shot. 25% of children ages 5-11 are vaccinated, but none of those individuals are yet eligible for a booster shot. The CDC is now recommending children get the vaccine, but the lowest age that one can get the booster shot is 12, according to the CDC. 

Although the science surrounding Covid is changing daily, experts agree that the booster shot helps lessen symptoms of the Omicron variant and prevent hospitalization.

According to PBS reporter Caroline Chen, the information about vaccinations is still growing, especially as we learn more about Omicron. 

“The Omicron-fueled surge is slowing down in many parts of the U.S., but is still setting records nationally and internationally” and CNBC says. Infections, hospitalizations, and illness continue. Experts still maintain that the best way to manage this pandemic is to get vaccinated and to get boosted.

“Two-thirds of people with Omicron say they’ve had Covid before,” says CNBC.

Although the future is still unclear, as vaccination rates continue to rise some are saying Omicron is the start of the end of this almost two year long pandemic.