Teacher shortages continue, forcing schools to close

Teacher shortages and U.S. school closures are increasing due to Covid-19. Teachers and staff have resigned or retired as coronavirus has spread, putting unprecedented strain on school systems. 

 “Americans have been quitting jobs in record numbers, and educators are no exception — 30,000 public school teachers gave notice in September alone, according to the Labor Department,”  said CBS News. 

Districts like Simi Valley “have raised prices for substitute teachers from $110 to $205 to prepare for the spread of Omicron,” said Laist.

Our own Hart District doubled sub pay last fall to drive subs to school sites and cover staff absences.

For the many schools across the country that have remained open, teachers have been asking their districts to supply them with the tools they need to teach safely during the current Covid spike.

Omicron is pushing schools to a breaking point, causing districts to close and temporarily move schools to online as students and staff continue to be absent due to sickness. 

“Schools have hired some unprepared teachers with credentials, permits or waivers instead of completing the coursework,” said Edscource.

Districts have reported that the pressure put on schools is becoming less intense as more and more staff get vaccinated and as we pass the peak of the Omicron spike.