Turmoil causes chaos in Haiti

July 7 2021 at one a.m., Haiti’s president Jovenel Moïse was assassinated in a nighttime attack at his Port-au-prince home. 

Those close to Jovenel Moïse say that he was worried for his life, and suspected that “enemies were out to get him,”

“[Jovenel Moïse] told me a lot of people were spending a lot of money to murder him. I told him to stop thinking like that,” Former Haitian senator and a close friend to Mr. Moïse said. 

The assailants in this attack remain unidentified, but there are many theories as to who they are. Haitian authorities said the attack was majorly led by Colombian mercenaries. The Haitian police department has arrested some of Jovenel’s security, 18 Colombians, around 20 Haitian police, and a handful of other Haitian-American and Haitian suspects.  

This isn’t the only conflict Haiti is currently faced with. August 14, just a couple of months after the president’s assassination, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit southern Haiti. The earthquake has killed over 2,200 people with over 300 people missing and more than 12,000 people injured. The earthquake has left the city in ruins, damaging or destroying approximately 130,000 homes and cutting off roads. The earthquake led to landslides, destroying farms and removing many families’ source of food. There are relief efforts in place, but damaged and flooded roads have delayed the journey of needed supplies. Some people have looted aid trucks in several towns located in southern parts of the country, causing more tension and stress in hard-hit areas. Southern Haiti isn’t the only place stricken with earthquakes. All over the country Haiti residents are suffering from the highest being 4.5 and the lowest being 4.0 magnitude earthquakes. Haiti is a country in chaos.