News you may have missed

Picture taken by Jake Edwards @scenescapery

Picture taken by Jake Edwards @scenescapery

Heat waves in Southern Europe

Temperatures heat up across Southern Europe, causing wildfires and much discomfort. As anticyclone ‘Lucifer’ sweeps across the tourist country of Italy, temperatures have reached an all time high. In Florence, temperatures reached a high of 102 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, 170 miles south of Florence, Rome topped the heat after reaching 104 degrees Fahrenheit, “the highest temperature ever recorded in Europe,” Inews said.

Denise Huguelet shooting

Denise Huguelet was driving home from a White Sox’s game with her husband and friends August 17, 2021 when their SUV vehicle was caught in the crossfires of a shootout that took place on the Dan Ryan Expressway, near 63 street in Chicago, Illinois. She was hit in the back by a bullet and rushed to University of Chicago Medical Center where she succumbed to her injuries.

Huguelet affected many lives as she taught special education in the area for 24 years and will be remembered and missed dearly. She is survived by her husband, five children and 11 grandchildren. Shootings on the Dan Ryan Expressway are not uncommon, they are actually surprisingly prevalent. This year alone, up to 50 shootings have been reported on the Dan Ryan Expressway, without the mention of the amount of shootouts in total, on other expressways in Chicago. In efforts to minimize these occurrences, officials have installed 12.5 million dollars worth of surveillance cameras along expressways throughout the city. 

Banning of NY hats at Hart

Hart’s dress code is continuing its efforts to successfully provide a “productive learning environment” through restriction of their students’ dress and grooming. August 19, 2021 an announcement via Hart TV, the school’s announcement and video production class, stated that Major League Baseball’s New York Yankee team hats contain lettering used by gangs in Newhall and that they are now banned. The hope of this ban on these hats is to keep gang affiliation away from the school. 

“Although, if you are a fan of this team and would like to show your support for this team the words, New York Yankee, is good, [but] the lettering or symbol [of this team] is bad.” Deputy Guzman said. Deputy Guzman is Hart High school’s resource Deputy, and can be found around campus before, during and after school. 

Flooding across Germany

Western Germany is currently recovering from deadly, record breaking floods that took place last month. Heavy rains caused river banks to overflow and burst, sending raging waters into cities, homes, and commercial buildings. Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine were the states most affected by these floods. It is confirmed that over 170 civilians have died and many are still reported missing. Officials are accusing members of the German government of negligent homicide after attempted warnings were sent but ultimately ignored and rendered unimportant.

Environmental Analysis, Roger Harrabin says they have been predicting for years that summer rainfall and heat waves would become more intense. Global warming and climate change have ultimately been to blame for this disaster.

New iPhone

Many are awaiting the new release of the Apple iPhone 13.

This new phone will include many new features such as “massive new cameras, smaller notches, next gen wifi and double the amount of storage,” Forbes said.

Apple plans on releasing four versions of this new phone, the regular iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Max, and the iPhone 13 Pro Max. All of these will have the basic new features, but the iPhone 13 Pro Max will have additional features such as a bigger battery and double the amount of storage than previously offered on older phones. The release date has yet to be officially announced but Forbes says sometime in September is expected.

After many speculated the possible return of ‘Touch ID’ on devices it was quickly shot down by Mark Gurman, Apple insider.

“While Apple had tested in-screen Touch ID for the next flagship iPhones, it won’t make the cut this year,” Gurman said.

Despite what some may view as bad news, Gurman followed up by saying, “Apple is unlikely to give up on Touch ID with the first iPhone 14 leaks claiming an in-display Touch ID will make it into next year’s model.”  

This news comes after rampant speculation, from last year, that the touch ID would return accompanied by Face ID, after the recent problems surrounding masks during the pandemic and using the Face ID feature that is now on most iPhones produced by Apple. 

Wildfire updates

Fires are currently ravaging through several parts of our world today. Close to home, in Northern California the Dixie Fire has achieved the historical title of ‘Second Largest California Wildfire’ as of August 24, 2021, coming second to the August Complex fire that burned August of 2020. The Dixie fire has burned 731,310 acres and is only 41% contained as of August 24. This fire is burning in several counties and has spread rapidly since its start in mid-July. The cause of this fire is still under investigation. Many people have been evacuated and homes have been threatened. Dixie’s smoke has settled into surrounding valleys, making her presence known to all.

As for wildfires on a global scale, Italy has been dealing with similar problems as multiple fires have ignited in differing areas of the country. As of August 12, 2021 it was reported that firefighters have “carried out more than 500 operations in Sicily and Calabria in the last 12 hours, employing five planes to try to douse the flames from above,” according to Reuters. So far, these flames have taken the life of one individual living on Calabria, the toe of Italy’s boot.