Multiple controversies erupt around Governor Andrew Cuomo after accusations of sexual misconduct

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been under fire following accusations from multiple women for inappropriate behavior. Between the three women, the undesired advances follow a timeline between December 2016 to June 2020. 

Lindsey Boylan, a former aide to Cuomo, revealed her accusations over Twitter saying that he “sexually harassed me for years” and kissed her against her will. At the time, Cuomo denied the allegations. In a Medium article, Boylan went into detail about his behavior while she was still employed by him. However, she resigned from her position in September 2018. 

In February 2021, Charlotte Bennet wrote an article for Times Magazine about her experience working for Cuomo. In early 2019, she joined his administration as an executive assistant and health policy advisor. Bennet accused Cuomo of sexual harassment and what she interpreted as an insinuation of a sexual relationship since he kept asking her personal questions in a meeting that made her uncomfortable. She decided  not to begin an investigation because she liked her job. However, she ended up leaving her job in Fall 2019. In response, Cuomo denied that he made an advance on Bennet. 

Overall, seven women have come out with sexual harassment allegations against the governor. All of the women are either current or former employees of Cuomo’s administration. These accusations are seeing light during the current investigation undergoing his treatment of nursing home deaths during the pandemic. During the early months of the lockdown, Cuomo was praised for his handling of the coronavirus crisis. That has also come under debate.