Hart continues to improve its campus with the reconstruction of the backlot

Hart’s campus will be undergoing some sort of construction over the next couple of months in many places. The back parking lot is set to be resurfaced and relined and have speed bumps added soon. The project was supposed to be completed with the construction of the new T-building but was delayed with the addition of solar panels to the back lot. While the timeline for the parking lot project is still unclear, driving students will be accommodated with a temporary overflow parking lot and be allowed to park at OLPH. The Q-lot has been updated as well with more spaces and new lines. 

As for other parts of campus, an eating area, designated “The Plaza,” will be built over spring break where the J-portables used to be. The cafeteria, library, administration and counseling buildings and the Q and P portables are also in the process of being modernized. The Q-lot and landscaping behind the T-building are the only completed projects so far. 

“The reasoning for all of these projects is that Hart is the oldest campus in the district and we are due for some upgrades!” said Mr. d’Autremont.