Hybrid learning begins March 29 with new regulations for students

Many students have been waiting to return to school, and although this will happen March 29, there will be many changes on how students attend in-person learning. Students must wear masks at all times while on campus and social distance. In order for students to get onto campus in a safely and orderly, their parents must fill out a pre-screening certification. If a pre-screening certification is not filled, students will have to wait to get their temperature taken before entering campus. Once on campus, there will be one-way paths for students to follow, and desks will be spaced out in classrooms to meet safety guidelines. Passing periods will also return to ten minutes and restroom occupancy will be limited. 

Each student is assigned a Cohort, either A or B. Students with the last name starting with letters A-L are assigned Cohort A. Students with the last name starting with letters M-Z are assigned Cohort B. Some exceptions will be made for some students to switch cohorts. Cohort A will attend school Mondays and Tuesdays and students in Cohort B will be online. On Thursdays and Fridays, Cohort B will attend school in person and students in Cohort A will be online. Students who choose to continue school online will continue to do so throughout the entire week. On Wednesdays, all students will be online and won’t be allowed on campus. As for MAP time, that will be replaced with Flex Time once again. For further instructions, the school will be sending out videos to students and parents to better understand how hybrid learning will work.