The Hart to Hart Podcast adds to its staff

The Hart to Hart Podcast is a student-run podcast that talks to teachers, students and more. The executive producer and host of the show is a freshman named Aaron Quevedo. He hosts the episodes, coordinates the team and runs weekly productions. He plans the master episodes schedule, and updates Mr.d’Autremont on their progress.

Junior Zach Riley is the producer and editor of the show. He contacts the podcast’s potential guests. He is the coordinator of the recordings in the pre-production phase. Riley is also in charge of editing each finished episode. 

Sophomore Breeze Aguilar is the writer of the podcast. Her job is to write the show outlines. These outlines are the questions that will be asked to the guest and are key to facilitating each episode’s conversation. 

Sophomore Amelia Hines is the Social Media Manager for the show. She is in charge of their instagram, @harttohartpodcast,  and uploads their weekly posts and stories that correlate with their episodes. Madison Woo, a junior, is the graphic designer. She makes graphics that are needed for their social media page. 

The Hart to Hart Podcast posts episodes every Monday! If you’re interested, go to their Instagram page, @harttohartpodcast, for more information.