President Biden begins signing executive orders and fulfilling campaign promises within his first 100 days in office

President Joe Biden entered office with a full plan and the intent to undo what his predecessor had done over the past four years. The Biden Administration has been preparing for many incoming changes this year. Only on the second day of Biden’s presidency had he already made changes and signed many new executive orders, presidential memoranda, proclamations and letters. Since taking office on January 20, the president has signed 30 executive orders according to the Federal Register, ten presidential memoranda, four substantive proclamations and two letters so far.

Biden has focused on taming the coronavirus, reshaping the economy, curbing climate change and addressing racial justice. Some documents he has signed are lifting of the Muslim travel ban, stopping the construction of the border wall, expanding protections over LGBTQ+ people and rejoining the World Health Organization and the Paris Agreement. The president has also signed various executive orders about the immigration system. He has offered an immigrant reform package that gives a path to citizenship for immigrants in the U.S. and offers aid to Central America.

As for his actions towards coronavirus, he has a goal of getting about 100 million vaccines to Americans in his first 100 days. He aims to increase the number of available vaccines as well as the number of people who can distribute them. He proposed a $1.9 trillion COVID relief package which includes bigger unemployment insurance payments, rental payment relief, small business assistance and food and child care aid. Also in the proposal, he has offered to send $1,400 to most Americans directly.

Additionally, President Biden plans to address criminal justice reform, changing the tax code by raising corporate tax rates to 28% and creating a national police oversight commission. He is also launching initiatives to expand access to health care for women of color. The president hopes to create a plan to reunite more than 600 children separated from their parents after crossing the border as well as include undocumented migrants in the census. With all his plans, it is unlikely President Biden will complete all this within his first 100 days, but it certainly is on the agenda.