The FBI reveals they’ve been investigating Hunter Biden since 2018

When a computer repairman discovered a laptop of Hunter Biden’s business dealings and emails in his shop, he gave the information to Rudy Giulani, President Trump’s lawyer, who then had it published by The New York Post. After an outcry primarily by conservatives, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) revealed that they’ve been investigating Biden since 2018 over his taxes. The Justice Department launched the investigation before Joe Biden declared he was running for President. December 9, Hunter Biden confirmed that he was being investigated. 

December 8, the Department of Justice (DOJ) subpoenaed (to order someone to attend court) the younger Biden to reveal documents regarding over two dozen entities, like the Ukraine company Burisma, so they can examine his business dealings and taxes. It also subpoenaed information about his business dealings and financial transactions with China, according to USA Today

Biden’s involvement with Burisma, since 2014, has raised concerns from some: many worry that his position in the company may pose a conflict of interest with then Vice President Joe Biden. There are also some concerns about the timing of Biden’s cabinet picks with the reveal of the FBI investigation. 

After the contents of the laptop were revealed, the FBI said they were investigating it to see if it ties to Russian disinformation and their involvement with U.S. elections. However, it is unclear if the laptop is the center of the investigation about the younger Biden’s taxes.