Some news you may have missed: Kendall Jenner, #EndSARS, Minneapolis and earthquake in Turkey

Kendall Jenner receives backlash over Halloween party

October 31, Kendall Jenner threw a 25 birthday party with allegedly over 100 people in attendance. A sign was posted at the entrance of the home: “NO SOCIAL MEDIA, take all the photos you want, but please do not post on social media of any kind.” However, pictures got leaked. Kendall Jenner was under fire for her decision to throw a party during a pandemic. 

“The worst part? It wasn’t even Kendall’s birthday. Her birthday’s November 3, which is Election Day. So instead of being the second-worst thing about November 3, she had to go ahead and be the single-worst thing about Halloween,” said Rebecca Altar in Vulture Magazine.

Protest to end SARS in Nigeria 

The #EndSARS movement seeks to end police brutality in Nigeria and protests for the termination of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). SARS has 82 records cases of abuse, according to Amnesty International, including beatings, hangings, mock executions, sexual assault and waterboarding. October 11, the Nigerian Police Force stated they were dissolving the group but re-employing the members to other jobs. This decision received backlash from protestors. Despite reaffirmations from the government that the system is being overhauled, but protestors lack faith because the government has said similar things in the past and has yet to follow through. 

Eight Minneapolis citizens sue the city for rising crime

Eight Minneapolis citizens decided to sue their city for rising crime after the city council disbanded the Minneapolis Police Department and created a new safety program in response to the Black Lives Matter protests and other unrest after George Floyd was killed. The group is suing because they believe the city is not protecting them by scaling back police presence. They state the City Council and Mayor Jacob Frey aren’t meeting the charter requirement to staff over 740 officers for the 425,000-person city. As a result, violent crime has risen 20%, according to TIME Magazine

November 24, Hennepin County District Court Judge Jamie Anderson ruled that the case has standing and rejected Minneapolis’ attempt to throw out the case. Final rulings should happen in early 2021. 

7.0 earthquake in Turkey causes deaths and injuries 

October 30, Turkey was hit by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake. In the Turkish province in Izmir, 20 died and over 600 were injured. The tremors triggered a small tsunami off the coast and flooded the Greek island Samos and Izmir.