The national elections is coming to a close as final votes are counted and certified

The 2020 elections have been going on for longer than expected for most citizens. Election day was back on November 3, 2020 and all results were to be finalized on December 11, 2020. As of November 7, 2020, the media projected Joe Biden as the winner of the presidential election with Biden having 51.3% of all votes and President Trump with 46.8% of all votes. The Associated Press has already called the race, as Biden has exceeded the 270 needed electoral votes in order to win the election. Biden received 306 votes whereas President Trump received 232. Biden is expected to be inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States on January 20, 2021. Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris, will be not only the new vice president for the next four years, but has made history becoming the first Black and South Asian American woman vice president. 

In the Senate, 50 seats have been declared for the Republican party, 46 Democratic, two Independent and two seats have not been called yet. This year, 35 seats were up for election. The Democratic Party gained two seats and lost one. Republicans lost two seats and gained one. 51 one seats are needed for overall control. The two Independent seats have sided with the Democratic Party. The two seats that have not been called have both been from Georgia where they are still processing results. Georgia will hold two runoffs on January 5, 2021 in order to decide which party will hold the majority. In the House of Representatives, the Democratic Party kept the majority with 222 seats occupied versus the Republican’s 211.  The Republican Party gained 13 seats and lost three, and Democrats gained three and lost 12. Two seats still have yet to be called. Many voting ballots are under speculation as there have been accusations of fraud during elections.