Sudan becomes the third Arab state to normalize relations with Israel

Sudan and Israel have begun to go through the process of normalizing relations and opening economic and trade ties. October 23, 2020, President Trump, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel and Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok of Sudan officially announced that this would be put in action. The U.S. also confirmed that they would be removing Sudan from the State Sponsors of Terrorism list. 

For many years, Sudan and Israel have been at a state of war. Sudan has been a long time member of the Arab League and planned to reject Trump’s plan with other members. Trump’s plan being to normalize relations between multiple Arab countries and Israel to make peace between both. However, Sudan wanted to lift sanctions linked to its listing on the State Sponsors of Terrorism list by the U.S. They agreed with Trump’s plan, which was a key step towards ending isolation and rebuilding its economy after the Sudanese Revolution in 2018 and 2019.

 “We very much look forward to … establish[ing] a strong political and economic relation between our nations and the rest of the world,” said Hamdok.

As for Israel, normalizing relations with Sudan is another step towards their goal to improve ties with Arab and African countries. Prime Minister Netanyahu is hoping that this will boost him for reelection in March for his diplomatic credentials. Israel also said it would not oppose U.S. sales of high-grade military hardware to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) because Israel needed to maintain a military advantage over other areas in the Middle East. With relations set with Sudan, Israel is now looking forward to new things. 

“It allows us to focus [on] the task of building nations, building our future, building technology, agriculture, environment, and health — everything. And I think we can do it better together,” said Netanyahu.

Sudan’s newest changes have been able to change the views of other countries, such as the U.S. Both countries are looking forward to new changes as they have been able to come together to normalize relations.

“The Sudanese transitional government has demonstrated its commitment to combatting terrorism, creating market economy, and developing the democratic institution that it’s becoming,” said Trump.