Letter from the ASB Secretary: Ria Bakhaya

Student Body,

I know we have all heard the same words repeated over and over – “this is an unprecedented time.” For me, those words have started to lose meaning, as I begin to accept this new reality we have been placed in. I would be lying to say that I haven’t had struggles, been upset, or even just failed to grasp how this is all happening, especially during my senior year. While the time we have right now is far from normal, I think the best advice I can give anyone is to continue living in the moment. Personally, dwelling on what we cannot change leads me to be more upset and frustrated, and I encourage you all to stop thinking with the mindset of “what could have been.” Take the time that has been gifted to us to spend time with your family, have more meaningful conversations with your friends, and reach out to those who might need it most.

While events and in-person school have been canceled, our ability to connect with others still remains. Remember, this will pass one day. Until that day comes, try your best to stay positive, reach out when you need it (I’m always here to listen!), and continue motivating yourself towards a future post-COVID.